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Why you need to update Google Chrome

Users of one of the world’s most popular browsers are being urged to act, following a recent security alert.

An announcement has been made warning people to update Google Chrome on their desktops right away. It comes after Google realised a ‘major security flaw is being exploited by hackers’, report The Mirror.

The Chrome browser is the default browser on all Google devices, and can be downloaded for free. It is thought that more than 60% of internet users worldwide prefer to use this browser.

However, this latest development has caused some concern. It seems that Google has sprung into quick action to solve the issue, but here’s everything you need to know.

What has Google said?

The advice to update Chrome comes right from the very top.

Google’s security chief, Justin Schuh, took to Twitter on Wednesday March 6, urging people to update their Chrome installs “like right this minute”. He declared it a #PSA (Public Service Announcement).

Google also published a blog post to explain the situation. It confirmed that it was aware that an exploit for the vulnerability “exists in the wild”. As The Mirror reported, this suggested it could have been under active attack.

Users are being urged to update Google Chrome immediately.

Users are being urged to update Google Chrome immediately.

It is understood that the vulnerability was a memory safety error. This could enable malicious code to be executed on a target’s computer by hackers.

An update for Chrome on March 1 was issued by Google, designed to fix the vulnerability which was reportedly described as ‘high’ in severity.

Further information about the development can be found via this Google Security Blog post.

How do you update Chrome?

So, Google has done its bit by warning users, it’s now their responsibility to act. Chrome users must make sure they are running the latest version – 72.0.3626.121.

To update your Chrome browser you should follow four simple steps. First open Chrome on your computer and then click More in the top right corner of the browser.

Then click Update Google Chrome. Don’t worry if you do not see this button, it will mean you’re using the latest version. Then press Relaunch, and you should be covered!

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