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Vitagene will develop a diet and workout plan based on your DNA for $69

Unless you have an identical twin, there’s no other human out there like you. This means that your genetics will influence your health in a unique way that no one else will experience, so it’s best to learn your genetic background before structuring a diet and workout plan. Vitagene can help you with both for just $69.

The Vitagene DNA Ancestry Kit will easily trace your genetic background and ancestry; all you have to do is swab your cheek and send your DNA sample back to Vitagene. Vitagene will then send you a detailed genetic report illustrating your ethnic ancestry based on regional percentages as well as ancestral health conditions. Based on these results, Vitagene will provide a workout plan based on the types, frequency, and intensity suited for your DNA. Additionally, you’ll receive a customized diet plan, including macronutrient requirements, gluten sensitivity info, and more.

No two humans are the same, so why waste time copying the same workouts and diets as your neighbors. For $69, Vitagene will help you live your healthiest possible life by giving you a diet and workout plan genetically tailored to you.

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Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Personalized Health Plan – $69

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