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Upgrade speeds without sacrificing storage space: A massive 960GB Crucial SSD is just $96 today

The storage deals keep on rolling in. Today, Newegg is selling a gargantuan 960GB Crucial BX500 SSD for just $96 with checkout code AFM2SSD29. That’s $24 off Newegg’s current sale price, and well below the $130 this drive was selling for on Amazon earlier in the year.

The BX500 is a standard 2.5-inch SATA III drive with Micron 3D Nand storage (Crucial is a Micron brand name). Micron says this drive is 300 percent faster than “a typical hard drive” with spinning platters and will improve battery life in laptops, since the BX500 is 45 times more energy efficient.

We haven’t reviewed the Crucial BX500, but we did review its predecessor, the BX300 back in 2017. We liked that drive for its nice mix of performance and affordability. Looking around at various reviews online of the BX500 there is no general consensus. Some people dislike this drive because of its lower endurance–something we didn’t like about the BX300, either. But some people really appreciate this drive as a good low-cost option for SSDs. Given all that, the Crucial BX500 should be a pretty fair drive with lots of storage at a great price.

If you’re more interested in maximizing storage space at an even lower price and aren’t so interested in SSD performance, Newegg is also selling a 3TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive for $70 with checkout code EMCTVVD23.

[Today’s Deal: Crucial BX500 960GB for $95 with checkout code AFM2SSD29 at Newegg]

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