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Edit text and images in any PDF document for $25 with PDF Reader Pro

PDF is the ideal format for college papers, scanned pages, brochures, and more. However, PDFs are difficult to work with once saved because your Mac doesn’t come with any apps that let you edit them by default. If you work with PDFs often, you’ll inevitably find one that needs quick fixing, which is why you need to add PDF Reader Pro to your library for $24.99.

PDF Reader Pro is an app for MacOS that lets you easily edit text and images as well as annotate lines. On top of that, PDF Reader Pro includes tools that let you highlight, strikeout, and underline text for easy notetaking. Additionally, it offers additional features such as allowing you to bookmark where you left off or search for specific words or lines of text. Finally, it features night mode so that you can conserve battery life or work in dimly lit environments.

For such a versatile file format, it’s a shame that most computers don’t have the tools necessary to edit PDFs. Luckily, you can grab PDF Reader Pro for just $24.99, or 58% off.

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