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Don’t fall for this Royal baby scam

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex introduced the latest Royal baby on Wednesday May 8.

However, before official photographs were shared, cybercriminals were reportedly already preying upon the worldwide intrigue.

It is understood that there were fears concerning a Royal baby scam. Yes, fraudsters were apparently using the birth as the inspiration behind a Facebook-based con.

According to Komando.com, the website of consumer tech expert Kim Komando, online surfers were warned to ‘Watch out for Baby Sussex scams’.

The Mirror also shared the story, in a bid to warn anyone who may have fallen for the con. In this article we will also explain what you should be on the look for.

So, what was the Royal baby scam all about?

We say ‘was’ lightly, the scam may still be live, but presumably less people will fall for it now official pictures are readily available. By ‘readily available’ we of course mean – they’re EVERYWHERE!

Anyway, the scam was targeted towards curious Royal fans who were excited to see a glimpse of the new Royal addition. According to Komando.com, the scam saw a false link appear as something your friend would share on their Facebook timeline.

This link would promise ‘exclusive footage’ of the young Royal, now named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. When you clicked it however you would be told that you needed to update your ‘video player’ in order to watch it.

Alarm bells starting to ring? Exactly, those who chose to download the file would presumably end up with a virus. This virus could then compromise your system, sharing the fake viral post to your friends and also stealing information.

Komando.com describe the con as a “bait-and-switch style ploy”. It’s assumed that the fake website would scan the victim’s computer for private information. This could include credit card and bank account numbers.

How do you make sure you can avoid the scam?

As Komando.com say, “following and caring about the news shouldn’t cost you your savings and privacy”. The website published an article to warn Royal fans, letting them know how best to avoid getting caught out by the “onslaught of Baby Sussex frauds”.

Top tips include:

  • Use your best judgement before clicking on anything.
  • Message the friend who shared it for more reassurance.
  • Warn any friend that you think may have or has fallen for it.
  • Report the post to Facebook.

“Modern scams and frauds are called ‘viral’ for a reason – they spread,” said a Komando.com spokesperson. “With a watchful eye and sound judgement, you can prevent them from becoming viral in the other, more deadly sense of the word.”

To read Komando.com’s full story and advice about the situation, click here.

The Royal Family has this week welcomed the addition of a new Royal baby - Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Credit: Pixabay/ Skeeze

The Royal Family has this week welcomed the addition of a new Royal baby – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Credit: Pixabay/ Skeeze

Final thoughts

So, there you have it – proof that unfortunately scammers will stop at nothing to capitalise on any cybercrime opportunities that come with historical events.

This scam should be on its last legs by now, but we thought we’d share this with you just in case. Where scammers are concerned, you can never be too sure!

For further advice on how to make sure you’re cybercrime proof check out more of our content. Our recently published Ultimate Antivirus Guide may be just the ticket!

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the FileHippo News Blog where we will continue to share the latest happenings from the world of tech – good and bad.

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