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Continue your professional development for $29 with Readitfor.me’s book summaries

If you wish to be a successful entrepreneur or businessperson, you’ll need to cultivate your reading skills to learn new ideas and stay ahead of your peers. Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, your mind is probably focused on managing your business. Luckily, Readitfor.me can condense all of your must-read material into 12 minute summaries for as little as $29.

Readitfor.me is a subscription service that offers a massive library of summaries on books aimed at professional development, management, and other skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. With a standard plan, you’ll receive access to over 300 summaries from books such as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Leaders Eat Last, Hooked, and more. Additionally, you’ll also receive future summaries as they’re added to the library. Several popular titles will even receive a video summary to help you take away their most important messages.

A fresh flow of new ideas will help you become an effective leader and entrepreneur, and with Readitfor.me, you won’t need to trudge through hundreds of pages to find them. You can sign up for a year for $29 or sign up for a lifetime membership for $199.

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Readitfor.me Standard Plan: 1-Yr Subscription – $29

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