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Bring a little smarts into your home with deep discounts on the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini

Smart speakers come in all shapes and sizes, and if you aren’t looking for a home theater replacement, the tinier the better. And today, their prices match their stature: Amazon is selling the third-gen Echo Dot for $30, down from a list price of $50 and a match for its all-time low. Meanwhile, Best Buy has a Google Home Mini on sale for $29.

Th Echo Dot speaker uses built-in Alexa to help you access news, weather, music, and more with just the sound of your voice. In addition, you can connect it to other smart devices to add voice control to your whole smart home setup, or use it to make phone calls and check calendars. In addition, Alexa has over 50,000 skills, from playing games to creating background noise, and can be customized to your own specific needs. We gave this speaker 4 stars out of 5 for its attractive design and low price even before the discount.

The Google Home Mini is slightly smaller than the Echo Dot and uses Google Assistant rather than Alexa to deliver news, sports, music, weather, and whatever else you ask it. Like the Dot, it can control smart home devices, play games, and read stories, all with a tiny design that can fit anywhere (as long as there’s an outlet within reach). We also gave this speaker 4 stars out of 5.

[Today’s deals: Third-Generation Echo Dot for $30 at Amazon and the Google Home Mini for $29 at Best Buy]

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