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Amazon is having one of the best sales for the Apple Watch Series 4 to date

We’re finally getting to the point where we regularly see good deals for the Apple Watch Series 4. Today, you’ll find some of the best ones to date over at Amazon, where the online retailer is knocking down the price for both the GPS-only and cellular models by as much as $70.

Here are some of the standouts.

GPS only

GPS + cellular

There was an even better discount yesterday, but it didn’t last long. Still, I’d take that as evidence that we’re going to keep seeing deals like this in the near future.

I wouldn’t say the Series 4 is a must-buy if you already have a Series 3, but it’s a no-brainer upgrade if you only have one of the earlier watches. It’s fast, it’s bright, it’s got a bigger display, it’s all but waterproof, and it’s packed with a ton of cool features such as a built-in ECG and a fall-detection sensor. (The latter feature is only turned on by default if your Health app says you’re at least 64 years old.)

Here’s what we had to say about it in our review:

“Going back to any prior Apple Watch after using the Series 4 feels like tying my shoelaces together. Why does everything take a second or two to respond? Why is the screen so cramped? What happened to the little tick feeling when I scroll the crown? Is that app still loading or did it freeze? It seems a little trite to say that the Series 4 is just the same Apple Watch with a bigger display, better sensors, and a faster processor, but that’s exactly what it is, and it’s fantastic. Every other Apple Watch felt full of promise, but Series 4 feels like promise fulfilled.”

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